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    แผงโซลาร์ เทียร์ 1

    Tier 1

    Tier 1 Solar Panels List 2022 (Updated)


    Listed below are the solar module manufacturers classified as a Tier-1 module manufacturer on any respected tiering system platform in 2022 used for ranking purposes towards Solar Analytica Data and reports. An alternative perspective, the table is a manufacturer’s combined product-suite interpretation from any respected Tier-1 nominated list (intentionally not specified) factoring the Solar Analytica Assessment Criteria (solar modules) for gauging order. This list should not be used for bankability purposes. It is recommended solar module purchasers subscribe to trusted sources such as Bloomberg NEF or PV Moduletech to assist in determining manufacturer bankability for projects.


    For the purpose of internet indexing of common user search terms, we’ve used the term Tier-1 Solar Panels List. Although technically incorrect, the aim of the article is to educate module purchasers around unscrupulous sales tactics towards a term that has no real substance amongst industry professionals for determining product quality.
    1. There is no such thing as a Tier-1 solar panel. TRUE.
    Only Tier-1 module manufacturers exist per the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report or the PV Moduletech Bankability Ratings Quarterly Report.
    2. Module manufacturers not present on a Tier-1 report are inferior. FALSE.
    Some of the most innovative or respected module manufacturers globally aren’t on module tiering reports. Solar Analytica data reveals some of the most robust specifications by manufacturers not listed on reports such as Bloomberg NEF or PV Moduletech. Consider well-respected brands such as Panasonic, Solaria, Winaico, Solarwatt, Meyer Burger, Peimar, Tindo, Aleo and Tesla with an outstanding industry reputation.
    3. The term Tier-1 is a measure of quality. FALSE.
    The term Tier-1 in the solar energy industry is used for gauging manufacturer bankability within a nominated period predominantly for large-scale projects
    4. Tier-1 qualification is a label that will stay with a module for life. FALSE.
    A manufacturers ability to qualify for Tier-1 status exists for a nominated quarter. It is not an endorsement or certification that will accompany a particular module throughout its existence.
    5. Be wary of advertisers promoting Tier-1 solar panels. TRUE.
    The astute investor in you now knows that there are no such modules as Tier-1 solar panels. Only Tier-1 solar module manufacturers exist, with little bearing on the overall product integrity. These are often advertisers exploiting a consumers lack of knowledge with a rather distasteful sales style using buzz words to sound superior.
    6. Using a module tiering report to assist financial qualification for specific projects has merit. TRUE.
    Module tiering reports provide module purchasers with a financial and volume insight of selected module manufacturers to financiers seeking to fund large-scale projects. However, this is only a fraction of the consideration towards any project. If you are a large-scale project developer or financier, it is recommended to obtain a quarterly report from a respected provider such as Bloomberg NEF or PV Moduletech.
    7. The Solar Analytica Tier-1 Solar Module Manufacturers List should be used as a measure of quality. FALSE.
    Solar Analytica accumulates and commentates on available industry data that purchasers seek, assembling this information to assist improved research, knowledge and education.